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History of Coffee Shops

In our last article we discussed the origins of coffee and touched a little bit on the history of coffee shops. This article is going to further dive into the history of coffee shops and the waves of coffee.

Essentially there were three waves of coffee and coffee houses.

The first wave of coffee helped to usher in the mass consumption of coffee. This wave introduced the idea of “ready for the pot.” It also made Folgers and Maxwell House a household staple.

After many years, the second wave of coffee and coffee shops emerged as a direct result of the first wave. Many coffee connoisseurs grew tired of instant coffee and “bad tasting” coffee.

So, this new wave led to the establishment of a variety of specialty coffee houses, such as Starbucks. With this wave, there was a heightened demand for fresh coffee from freshly roasted beans.

Thus, the second wave is marked by the idea that coffee is meant to be enjoyed.

When the third wave arose, it was an extension of the second wave. Many coffee drinkers had an increasing desire to know more about coffee and its origins. So, the third wave is known for purchasing coffee based on its origin.

Most coffee shops fall into the second wave category; however, many newer coffee shops have oriented their focus around more of a third wave ideology.

Through the various waves of the progression of coffee, overall quality has increased. So, when you go to a specialty coffee shop, you can be ensured that your cup will be filled with a carefully crafted drink.

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