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Mana Masters

Have you ever wanted the thrill of a game of Magic the Gathering accompanied by the lovely atmosphere, savory aroma, and clean tables of a coffee shop? This Dual cEDH and Casual Commander event combines all  your roasted bean dreams with the prospect of competition, raffles, door prizes, and did we mention the Tropical Island?

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July 6th, 10am

cEDH Tournament

$30 Cash Entry (+$2 online)

1st - Tropical Island (Stellar Yo)

Top 4 - Playmats (Very Cool)

All - Raffle entry for door prizes (Bonus)

48 Player Cap

Proxies Allowed

Casual Commander Event

$10 Cash Entry (+$2 online)

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Booster Pack

2 Rounds of Pod-making

The cleanest tables and bestest of vibes

No Cap



Is this your first Tournament?

Nope! This will be our second tournament.  We have new tournament organizers, better prizes, and fresh tournament structure to keep upping the ante.

What is the difference between the cEDH and Casual Commander Event?

- The cEDH competition will be a highly structured event with at least 4 rounds of play, raffles, and prize support for top 4. 

- In place of prize support (because then it wouldn't be casual) The Casual Commander Event participants will receive a booster and will have 2 rounds of structured play.  After this, it will revert to open play with participants forming their own pods at their discretion.


When can I get there and when can I leave?

Registration and check-in opens at 9:30 am.  It is recommended you arrive at least 15 minutes early to get checked in and get comfortable before rounds begin.  The tournament rounds will be 75 minutes and we will aim for the top 16 cut to happen at 4:00 pm and finals at 5:30 pm.  Players not participating in top 16 are encouraged to spectate, join casual, or bail like water in a sinking ship.


Will There be food?

Yes! While there is no lunch break for the sake of running a speedy tournament, there will be pizza available between rounds for $2/slice starting near lunchtime.  We are also still a coffee shop! Haystack Coffee will have a full staff of baristas, special MTG themed drinks, and a variety of other refreshments for sale throughout the day.


cEDH Tournament

What will the tournament structure be like?

There will be 4 rounds of Swiss then a cut to top 16.  The winners of those games will be place immediately into the top 4/final game.

Are Proxies allowed?

Yes! Notably, they must to be recognizable versions of the card to be allowed.  This is for gameplay and recognizability. Save your cool custom cards for your casual games.

Can I play in the cEDH and Casual Commander Event?

We ask that cEDH players only join the casual event between rounds or after the cut to top 16 so far as it does not interfere with the competition games.

Final Thoughts

We (The tournament organizers) would love to answer any questions or concerns you have. Feel free to email us! Or, even better, you can fill out this form down below.

Ask us a question!

Thanks for submitting!

Accommodations on the basis of disability are also available by contacting us at

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